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Konya Miata...that name just sounds high fashion. And you should not expect anything less when it comes to her brand FATI FATI. Named after her princess, meaning Fate, Konya offers a plethora of styles in handbags and chic, comfy apparel lewks. But please do not put this Queen in a box, no matter how luxurious, because the different hats she wears proves her ability to do any and every thing she sets her mind to. 

At only 25 years young, Kon has explored almost every aspect of the entertainment/creative industry: rapping, singing, podcasting, authoring an amazing short stories book. And now, owning and operating an online boutique. She has always been unique in her fashion sense and now she is offering her stylish taste to the world. Raised in New York  and Florida, has given her the experience of the fast paced lifestyle and the more “take it easy” approach. Ultimately, allowing Konya to solidify her own pace and become the savvy, ever evolving business Queen she is today.

We got a chance to chop it up with Konya about her most recent successes and the journey she took to get there. She proves age ain’t nothin’ but a number, and it’s the discipline and risks you take to pursue your life’s purpose.

Q: How old were you when you first became an entrepreneur and what business did you pursue?

KONYA: Technically 11 , I started a t-shirt business in the 6th grade but my first online store (The Lonely Steelers Club) was created when I was 17 years old! I bought and sold vintage pieces. I also repurposed vintage apparel! That’s when I fell in love with business and entrepreneurship! 

Q: How has your relationship with God helped you with everything that you have ever done?

KONYA: I can’t lie, it's been a roller coaster when it comes to God and I. There was a long period of time where I was lost and just couldn’t really listen to what God was trying to tell me. I would also call out and ask why but I wasn’t really listening! Then I began to really open my heart and just hear everything. I believe God lives in me, which makes me God like (not meaning blasphemous) but meaning very connected spiritually. I remember when I was so lost just wanting God to hear me. Now I finally feel heard and I finally listen. I still have so much to learn spiritually but I like the path I’m on! Since listening so much has manifested in my favor 

Q: Did you ever feel like maybe entrepreneurship wasn’t for you? And maybe you should try the more traditional approach? (go to school, get a career)

KONYA: HELLLLL NAH! I WAS BORN TO BE SELF MADE! Ever since I can remember .. I’ve always wanted to be self made. I hated school but I do love learning on my terms. I went to google and YouTube university! I’ve taken different classes here and there (no one knows this but I’m a certified life coach, I can legally sell life insurance, and I have a certificate in fashion styling lol) I hate having a boss, making someone who doesn’t care about me more successful, and not having freedom of time. So self made is literally the only option. Has always been. 

Q: Experiencing the different cultures of NY and FL, what have you taken away from those two lifestyles?

KONYA: Good Question lol …

So much though! Florida opened my eyes to just a different culture and lifestyle. I was introduced to music, food, and culture I didn’t get to experience in New York being that I moved at such a pivotal time (17) Both of my hometowns taught me that everyone is literally different, and judging someone is very pointless. It taught me that “I got me!” at the end of the day. I spent a lot of time by myself in both states; although, I’ve met so many dope individuals. It’s always just been me and my mind. A crazy place but also my peace at the same time. If I never moved I’d still probably only be bumping max b and French Montana smh 

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Q: What was the most significant thing you learned since starting your entrepreneurial journey?

KONYA: Trial and Error is very important as well as Konsistency! 

Q:  Please tell us about an experience when God had to intervene, and you know it was God because of ______________.

KONYA: I was about to shut down , there things I wanted to work on so I decided to shut down for a couple of weeks until I was ready to relaunch but then BOOM! I kinda went viral as I was preparing to close my website. Literally at the same time! It had to be God because since then business has been improving in ways I’ve dreamed of! But I believe in God and manifesting so dreams definitely come true

Q: What makes FATI FATI unique from other online boutiques?

KONYA: I believe I make it unique. There is only one Konya and my mind is like no other! Fati Fati is a part of me and I am unique (when I was younger that’s the only word I remember people using to describe me) it makes so much sense now. I just want people to see Fati Fati and automatically see the difference. 

Q: What was the greatest success that you have had with your business thus far? And did it adjust the way you moved forward in business? If yes, how?

KONYA: I surpassed 5 figures in sales within a week's time! That’s huge to me because it’s something I’ve been manifesting for a while! 

I’ve been trying to figure out this online business hustle for a very long time. I thought making 10k+ was going to be easy but I was wrong! (I like that I think that way though. I know anything is possible) Even after accomplishing that, it has only gotten more hectic. More money, more problems is very true lol! But now I basically have my formula to success. Now we just copy and repeat on a higher scale each time ! I swear I almost have the millionaires formula … nah I do have it !! Let’s speak it into existence now! 

Q: Is there any mantra, bible verse, quote that you live by? If yes, how did it come about?

KONYA: Work Smarter , Not Harder … this is because yes I work hard but yes I am lazy lol. There’s always an easier way… 

Q: What has been your biggest struggle, and how did you see it through?

KONYA: Right now it’s balancing being a Boss, being a mom, and being a girlfriend … it’s just hard. I have a lot to do in a day and I know I’m always neglecting someone or something. I’m still figuring out how to balance it all. I just try to take a couple of minutes to myself to reset and focus on what matters at the time.. but it all matters. I can’t lie it’s still very much of a struggle but I’m getting through it 

Q: What do you believe is ultimately, your God given purpose? And if you ever find yourself getting off track, how do you navigate back?

KONYA: My purpose is to help and give answers. People are always asking me questions but it’s always been like this when it comes to life! Not so  much personal life but I guess life’s… things like that. I want to help people, especially young people. I wish I had a mentor at 17, who knows where’d I’d be right now .. I wanna help whoever needs me. 

Q: What is the best piece of advice that you can give a young entrepreneur who is starting out?

KONYA: To start! Trial and Error is your biggest teacher. Be konsistent! Once you begin to slow down you will notice why you shouldn’t slow down! Listen to yourself, you’re almost always right! Ask for help if you need to but if you don’t find that help, HELP YOURSELF! I’ve literally taught myself everything I know! YouTube and Google really have all the answers! I promise open your mind and your eyes and you will find what you are looking for💕

Follow Konya Miata at @konyamiata and shop her boutique FATIFATI.COM

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