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The self-proclaimed "Fairy Vibemother" is in charge and making it happen worldwide! Born in Brooklyn to being raised in Queens, Miss Milan represents New York City to the fullest and within four years of her start as a DJ, she’s worked hard to become one of the best coming out. As official emcee and DJ to platinum-selling rap star Saweetie, 2019 was the breakout year for Miss Milan as she completed a European tour, performing at the BET awards pre-show, opening up for the Cardi B tour and hitting festival stages such as the UK’s Wireless Festival, Coachella to Rollin Loud in multiple cities. From a worldwide tour to partnering with Apple for her own producer DJ series, Milan is known for providing the vibes wherever she goes!

Most importantly, she is a Woman of God.

We got a chance to ask DJ Miss Milan about what motivates her, honing her divine power and persevering in her hustle. 

Q: We’re going to get right into it. Please tell us about an experience when God had to intervene, and you know it was God because of ______________. 

Milan: I remember a time when I was truly so lost and was trying so hard to find my identity within this world I was experiencing so much depression and dark times I wanted to just end it all but God’s will was always stronger than mine. I knew it was God because any time I tried to give up He never allowed it which showed me that my purpose, still unknown to me at that time, I had one and I believe He led me to which is my passion today and fulfilling my dreams.


Q: Did you ever feel like giving up? If so, why didn’t you? 

Milan: ALL THE TIME! This industry can make you feel less than when you invest who you are into it rather than into God. I’m so focused on wanting a relationship with Him that even when I want to give up I owe it to God to keep going because every day is a new day for His love and promises. 


Q: What makes you unique from other women DJs?

Milan: You truly haven’t experienced anyone like me and I say that with all confidence through God because my spirit enters the room before I even do so that alone separates me. I make you feel like you can do anything just by catching my vibe and as living proof, I aspire to continue to let people see God in me by how he is using me.


Q: What is the best advice you can give beginning entrepreneurs on how to save money and/or invest in themselves?

Milan: The best advice is to honestly create budgets and do what you feel is right for you! You don’t need millions or even thousands for what you truly want to do because it’s already in you that just gives you an excuse to not go after it.  I started off doing everything myself even to this point but I believe in asking and receiving so ask for help when needed. But keep a budget for your business needs, if you can’t hire, google!


Q: How many hustles do you have? And how do you balance them all out?

Milan: I have several different hustles and balancing them all out takes some real mental work by making sure I set aside time for each of them and of course myself so I can recharge as well. Calendars, reminders, creating a routine will help balance anything out in your life. 

Q: Bible verses can have various significance to different people. What is the significance of the verse: II Samuel 22:33 to you? And how do you utilize it?

Milan: The significance of II Samuel 22:33 is that “God is my strong fortress” he is the one I run to for everything because nothing can ever influence our Creator and in these times it’s important for us to be influenced by the word of God than the world so that alone keeps me grounded. Also understanding that even though what my path looks like does not represent my wants, He makes my way perfect so therefore I have all that I want and never need to seek it outside of the kingdom in all areas of my life.


Q: What do you believe is your role right now, in this time of flagrant civil unrest?

Milan:  I believe my role is to continue being an unapologetically Black woman using my voice and platform. I have to uplift the people who look like me. Giving hope to the fact that, yes we are going through some crazy times but we will get through them elevating each other. Now it’s more time to love each other, speak life into each other and just fight for what we deserve no matter what.


Q: How has your journey been in the last 4 months? ( Quarantine, IG Live shows, not being able to DJ in clubs/festivals, mental health)

Milan: At first it was really hard adjusting myself. I was associating who I was with what I do so no work had me feeling like I didn't know what to do or who I was. This downtime has helped me in a way I couldn’t imagine for my greater good, tackling everything and being more creative as time goes on. This is the new normal but nothing is wrong with starting a new normal. 


Q: Have you fully realized what depletes you and how do you get filled back up?

Milan: YES! Anything that’s not in alignment with my true self I always fall off in any area at that so I know when I’m around what’s meant for me it feels different. I get filled back literally by being in the word as much as I can and praying for changed thinking.


Q: An inspiration is an understatement in the eyes of a beginning DJ, you have spun on some of the biggest stages for some of the biggest artists. What is your favorite set to date? And why?

Milan: Thank you! Literally every moment is my favorite and not to be that person but I love what I do so coming from playing in my bedroom pretending to be on those stages makes me appreciate it all deadass. 


Q:  You have also been in the classroom teaching the next generation how to spin. What was the best part of that experience?

Milan: The best part is seeing how shy they are at first and me creating the space for them to find their freedom and voice. Allowing the kids to be kids, learn, mess up and have fun for me that’s the best part because I know it unlocks the level of “Wow I can do this”early on and  I hope they carry that forever. 


Q:  What do you believe is God’s Will for your life?

Milan: I believe of course to worship him by using me in the ways he sees fit, my gifts and talents are accents to who he has created me to be and for his purpose. I thank him every day that I’m allowed to live this life and completely surrender even when I want things my way. Your will not mine because whatever He has for me is better than anything I could even imagine. 


Q: What can we look forward to coming from DJ MISS MILAN?

Milan: Everything! I’m challenging myself to go beyond my comfort zone in every area of my life, spiritually, mentally, physically, and all. New music, mixes, who knows, may even pop up on your tv screen lol. Honestly, I’m taking it one day at a time and conquering as much land as I can by trusting God along the way.


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