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Hustler of the Month

Dr. Chi is a powerhouse! A family medicine physician, philanthropist, public speaker, former D1 athlete, world traveler, amazing...we can go on & on. I'm honored to be able to call her a friend and inspiration! Dr. Chinyere O. shares with us the ups and downs of being a high performer and how God has guided her through

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Hustler of the Week

Janel Young is a Pittsburgh native, painter, muralist and community leader on a mission to inspire through creativity and play.  The City of Pittsburgh awarded Janel Young a proclamation for her community-centered effort to wrap the city in color, making October 23, 2019 “JANEL YOUNG DAY” in the City of Pittsburgh. Find out how her faith and hustle catapulted her to be one of the most celebrated artists of our generation. 

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