About Us

Founded in 2016 by Big Keish, Prayer and Hustle emanated from a freak accident that changed the trajectory of her life.

After a sudden ACL injury, Big Keish had no choice but to rely on God for the strength, provision and perseverance to overcome this obstacle. Prior to the injury, she was simultaneously working two jobs and coaching two basketball teams, lacking in the self-care department and most importantly, a relationship with God. As a result of constant prayer and surrender, God catapulted BK to new heights. She not only became a personal trainer as a result of strength training her knee back to good health sans surgery, she also became a kingdom driven entrepreneur. Ultimately, living God's will for her life. All praise is due to The Most High for establishing Prayer & Hustle including any and all success of it!

Prayer and Hustle is not only a testimony; it is a lifestyle. This collection provides motivation and reminds you that GOD GOT YOU! and is ALWAYS with you! Thank you for believing in this brand and I cannot thank God enough for establishing it.